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Legal Tips on What to do in the Event of a Dog Bite.

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend but don’t be mistaken, they can turn on anyone and cause very serious injuries. Dog attacks have both physical and psychological impacts which include trauma, bite marks, and in unfortunate cases the attacked person can contract deadly diseases such as rabies. If you have experienced a dog attack, here are some legal guidelines on what you need to do.
Putting everything that happened during the attack from the beginning to the end during the dog attack is the most basic step you need to take down. If you might have had a verbal or physical exchange with the dog owner before and after the attack, ensure that you include it in your written record. It is also advisable that you include any expenses you are likely to incur in your write up and the laws pertaining to dog bites in the state you live in.
Reporting the dog bite matter is also an important step you need to take. Once you have reported the matter to the police, they will prepare a report and launch an investigation into the incident so as to determine what happened and if the dog has been involved in another similar scenario. Reporting is also important as it enables the police to know if the dog is vaccinated up to date, a fact which may twist you case in court if you decide to sue the dog’s owner. It really doesn’t matter if the dog bite is a minor one, ensure that you seek medical attention and treatment for the bite
Settling the dog bite claims out of the court of law with the dog owner is one of the best ways you can have a settlement for your dog attack claim. You can also have the owner’s insurance company or his or her own owner’s insurance cover compensate you for the claim. This is a shorter process as compared to court case suits and the option is much cheaper. If you go for this option, don’t settle to quickly as this may see you lose the essence of the settlement.
It is advisable that you seek the services of a professional lawyer in dog bite cases if the dog owner fails to meet the terms agreed upon or an issue arises you can consult this law firm. Your lawyer informs the dog owner of your intentions to sue him or her based on the expenses you have incurred through a demand letter. The lawyer also drafts a quote on the amount you are demanding from the dog owner as compensation so as not to proceed with the case in the court of law. Ensure that you file a case in court if this is not the first incident the dog has attacked and caused injury.

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