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Causes and Treatment of Fungus in Acrylic Nails

Many women go for acrylic nails to be able to make a fashion statement. It is mostly upon the equipment in the fashion industries at the ones who use acrylic nails the most. Acrylic pins are harmless, but they involve the use of acids and chemicals while putting on and taking them off that can result to severe allergic reactions to the body. Damaging of the acrylic nails is also another threat to human health as it can create a good environment for fungal infections.

Fungal infections mostly arise from the wearing of their acrylic nails. There is a process of filing of your natural nails ensure that the acrylic nails can fit properly on your natural nails as this requires a rough surface that the filing brings about. The ever-growing nature of your natural nail create the gap between your nail cuticle and the acrylic nail. When this happens, have to go back to the salon where they fill the gaps using chemical fillers. With your experiencing in the fashion you can also do it at home. The chemicals that are used in the filler are the ones who might bring complications as they may result in the loss of your nails making them more fragile. This process when youre nail structure is weak, fungal infections might take advantage, and your acrylic nails might make the situation even worse.

The chemicals that are used to attach or remove the acrylic nails will also act on your skin at this point, due to the beginning of your real nails, and start a series of skin irritations. The symptoms that come due to these reactions are very beginning of your fingers, puss oozing out and swellings on your fingers.

There is a compelling danger if you keep ignoring the possibilities of acrylic made focus as fungal infections might hide under acrylic nails for a long time before the symptoms start to erupt. Once your natural nails get infected, and efficient nail fungi will be likely to succeed well as artificial nails providing with the optimum conditions for them to survive.

There are various forms of treatment that are available for this case. You can apply vinegar which is one of the most effective and natural ways to treat acrylic nail fungus due to the fact that it is anti-fungal in properties. This can be quickly done at home by preparing an answer out of vinegar and water and sucking the infected nails for almost half an hour daily. Listerine application also works with the same treatment procedure as that of vinegar. Both the toenail in fingernail fungus can be effectively dealt with Listerine, and this is what makes it be one of the most effective methods of treatment for acrylic nail fungus.

There are also other essential oils that could be useful in the treatment of acrylic nail fungus.

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